Disrupting influencer marketing

We have set out to distrupt the world of influencer marketing. Through our innovative tech solution, data and a team built of strategic creatives we take back the control to the brands and deliver the best possible ROI.

Combining creativity

with data

We have pin-pointed all the time consuming, project management heavy and cost inefficient steps in the process and have developed the ultimate tech platform for influencer marketing campaigns.

Combining data with creativity and working through our innovative tech solution we bring back the control of influencer marketing to the brands which in turn delivers the best possible results to our customers.

Innovative AI-driven platform

We have through our own market leading platform changed the way of working with influencer marketing to make it a hundres times more time- and cost efficient. Enabling you to scale up your strategies, delivering result driven campaigns and stepwise optimising your budget and ROI.
  • AI Search tool with access to over 130 million influencers
  • Unique engagment data analytics
  • Full scaled campaign management – from briefing to end report
  • Budget optimizing feautures to increase your ROI
  • Automated report- and billing system

What makes us different?

Our endgame is not to win a golden egg or a creative agency award – its to earn the trust to become your extended influencer marketing department.

This challenges us to always provide you with long-lasting results and helping out to scale up your business.

So what are your needs – a go-to-market strategy, a creative hub setting up your ambassador program and always-on strategy or just more time on your hands?

We got you!

Your own Influencer

Marketing Department

Collabs provides your with the full scope and a 360 solution for your brand to succeed with your influencer marketing strategy.



Discover and filter influencers through our independent database with over 130 million accounts.


AI- & data-driven search functions helping you find relevant and high-performing influencers more efficiently.


Create your persona-influencer and find similar influencers that match your preferences and simplify your search.



Every step of the campaign is fully managed in the platform – from invites and approving the content to the end report.


Share access with your entire team and avoid endless email threads. No add-on features or extra license fees.


Fully data-equipped end report and a streamlined payment structure where you only receive one invoice. We handle the rest.



Acting as your partner your end-result is our only focus, helping you set successful strategies and optimising your budget.


Through our Creative Hub we provide innovative and creative concepts that are premiered to succeed by Instagrams algorithms.


Our customer success team helps you extend your strategy by having a cross platform perspective to optimise your result & ROI.

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